Power Management for GNOME

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GNOME Power Manager is a session daemon that takes care of power

GNOME Power Manager uses information provided by HAL to display icons
and handle system and user actions in a GNOME session. Authorized users
can set policy and change preferences.

GNOME Power Manager acts as a policy agent on top of the Project Utopia
stack, which includes the kernel, hotplug, udev, and HAL. GNOME Power
Manager listens for HAL events and responds with user-configurable

Source Files
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gnome-power-manager-2.32.0.tar.bz2 0003892164 3.71 MB
gnome-power-manager-no-fallback-to-hibernate.patch 0000000918 918 Bytes
gnome-power-manager-no-xfce.patch 0000003223 3.15 KB
gnome-power-manager-notify-idle-sleep.patch 0000004165 4.07 KB
gnome-power-manager-schedule-wakeups.patch 0000027877 27.2 KB
gnome-power-manager.changes 0000053761 52.5 KB
gnome-power-manager.spec 0000006001 5.86 KB
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