An application for notetaking, sketching, and keeping a journal using a stylus

Xournal is an application for notetaking, sketching, keeping a journal
using a stylus. It is free software (GNU GPL) and runs on Linux (recent
distributions) and other GTK+/Gnome platforms. It is similar to
Microsoft Windows Journal or to other alternatives such as Jarnal and

Source Files
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xournal-0.4.5.tar.bz2 0000360929 352 KB about 11 years
xournal-unistd-decl.diff 0000000354 354 Bytes almost 11 years
xournal.changes 0000006290 6.14 KB almost 11 years
xournal.desktop 0000000297 297 Bytes about 14 years
xournal.png 0000001346 1.31 KB almost 14 years
xournal.spec 0000002377 2.32 KB almost 11 years
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