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Gnome DOM Engine

The Document Object Model is a platform and language-neutral
interface that will allow programs and scripts to dynamically
access and update the content, structure and style of documents.
A DOM implementation (also called a host implementation) is that
piece of software which takes a parsed XML or HTML document and
makes it available for processing via the DOM interfaces.
Browsers contain a host implementation, for example. Here some
key points about libgdome: * Libgdome is a DOM level2

* Libgdome supports "Core" and "XML" modules (DOM level2 Core

* Libgdome supports "Events" and "MutationEvents" modules (DOM
level2 Events Recommendation).

* Libgdome is based on libxml2.

* Libgdome is written in C.

* The internal document representation is that libxml except for
DocumentType, Entity and Notations interfaces.

* Libgdome is released under the GNU LGPL

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gdome2-0.8.1.diff 0000001404 1.37 KB over 13 years
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gdome2-pkgconfig.patch 0000000165 165 Bytes about 15 years
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gdome2.spec 0000006104 5.96 KB almost 11 years
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