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GPS multiplexing daemon

Gypsy is a GPS multiplexing daemon which allows multiple clients to
access GPS data from multiple GPS sources concurrently.

Without some sort of multiplexing system, a GPS device can only safely
be accessed by one client. In a server situation this may not cause any
problems, but on modern desktop which could potentially have multiple
location aware devices, this could be an issue.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
gypsy-0.8-gcc46.patch 0000000641 641 Bytes over 10 years
gypsy-0.8.tar.bz2 0000407045 398 KB over 11 years
gypsy-CVE-2011-0523.patch 0000006237 6.09 KB over 9 years
gypsy-CVE-2011-0524.patch 0000007096 6.93 KB over 9 years
gypsy.changes 0000001843 1.8 KB over 9 years
gypsy.spec 0000004138 4.04 KB over 9 years
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