A .NET Runtime Environment

The Mono Project is an open development initiative that is working to
develop an open source, Unix version of the .NET development platform.
Its objective is to enable Unix developers to build and deploy
cross-platform .NET applications. The project will implement various
technologies that have been submitted to the ECMA for standardization.

Source Files
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mono-2.10.6.tar.bz2 0034006551 32.4 MB almost 8 years
mono-arm-cpuinfo-v5.patch 0000000406 406 Bytes almost 8 years
mono-arm-cpuinfo-v7.patch 0000000453 453 Bytes almost 8 years
mono-arm-vfp.patch 0000000501 501 Bytes almost 8 years
mono-core.changes 0000049160 48 KB about 7 years
mono-core.spec 0000045860 44.8 KB about 7 years
mono-web-xss-CVE-2012-3382.patch 0000000452 452 Bytes about 7 years
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