A Tool for Working with Many Patches

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Quilt allows you to easily manage large numbers of patches by keeping
track of the changes each patch makes. Patches can be applied,
un-applied, refreshed, and more.

Quilt originally was based on Andrew Morton's patch scripts found at

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
expand.diff 0000008468 8.27 KB
patch-wrapper-rpm.diff 0000002324 2.27 KB
quilt-0.60.tar.bz2 0000384192 375 KB
quilt-stable-rebuild.patch 0000000540 540 Bytes
quilt-support-vimdiff.patch 0000001392 1.36 KB
quilt.changes 0000039092 38.2 KB
quilt.spec 0000004266 4.17 KB
suse-start-quilt-mode.el 0000000216 216 Bytes
suse-workaround-pseudo-release.patch 0000000925 925 Bytes
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