Minimalist WWW proxy

Tinyproxy is a light-weight HTTP/HTTPS proxy daemon for POSIX
operating systems. Designed from the ground up to be fast and yet
small, it is an ideal solution for use cases such as embedded
deployments where a full featured HTTP proxy is required, but the
system resources for a larger proxy are unavailable.

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tinyproxy-1.8.3.tar.bz2 0000202430 198 KB about 9 years
tinyproxy-conf.patch 0000001378 1.35 KB over 8 years
tinyproxy.changes 0000001171 1.14 KB over 8 years
tinyproxy.init 0000003558 3.47 KB over 8 years
tinyproxy.logrotate 0000000247 247 Bytes over 8 years
tinyproxy.spec 0000002988 2.92 KB over 8 years
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