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Jakarta Commons Daemon Package

The scope of this package is to define an API in line with the current
Java(tm) Platform APIs to support an alternative invocation mechanism
that could be used instead of the public static void main(String[])
method. This specification covers the behavior and life cycle of what
is defined as Java(tm) daemons or, in other words, noninteractive
Java(tm) applications.

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0001-execve-path-warning.patch 0000001099 1.07 KB over 9 years
apache-commons-daemon-JAVA_OS.patch 0000001116 1.09 KB over 9 years
apache-commons-daemon-ppc64.patch 0000000534 534 Bytes over 9 years
apache-commons-daemon-s390x.patch 0000001296 1.27 KB over 9 years
apache-commons-daemon.changes 0000002619 2.56 KB over 9 years
apache-commons-daemon.spec 0000004287 4.19 KB over 9 years
commons-daemon-1.0.10-src.tar.gz 0000288950 282 KB over 9 years
jsvc-libcap-relative.patch 0000000677 677 Bytes over 9 years
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