Phone Manager for GNOME

This program connects to your mobile phone over a serial port with a
cable, infrared, or Bluetooth connection. It listens for text messages
and, when they arrive, displays them on the desktop. A visual indicator
is displayed in the notification area, if available, in the panel.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
gnome-phone-manager-0.69.tar.xz 0000393916 385 KB over 7 years
gnome-phone-manager-desktop-icon-check.patch 0000000409 409 Bytes almost 11 years
gnome-phone-manager-eds36.patch 0000015440 15.1 KB almost 8 years
gnome-phone-manager-telepathy.patch 0000001119 1.09 KB over 7 years
gnome-phone-manager.changes 0000014785 14.4 KB over 7 years
gnome-phone-manager.spec 0000005179 5.06 KB over 7 years
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