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LyX is a front-end for LaTeX under X11. It combines the comfortable use
of a word processor with the high quality of LaTeX typesetting.
Documents are displayed in a WYSIWYG-like way. User does not choose low
level attributes ("large italic") but high level layouts (styles) for
each paragraph. Of course, low level formatting is still possible.

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lyx-2.0.6-fix_zombies.patch 0000002776 2.71 KB
lyx-2.0.6-xdg_open.patch 0000003646 3.56 KB
lyx-2.0.6.tar.xz 0010390452 9.91 MB
lyx.changes 0000025959 25.4 KB
lyx.desktop 0000000282 282 Bytes
lyx.png 0000002015 1.97 KB
lyx.spec 0000006048 5.91 KB
lyxrc.dist 0000000249 249 Bytes
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