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CalculiX is a package designed to solve field problems. The method used is the finite element method. So far only structural problems can be solved but it is planned to extend the capabilities.

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0001-Fixup-spooles-include-dir.patch 0000001137 1.11 KB
0001-Use-interface-for-cubtri-callback-function.patch 0000002299 2.25 KB
ccx-2.16-build.patch 0000000950 950 Bytes
ccx-rpmlintrc 0000000111 111 Bytes
ccx.changes 0000006313 6.17 KB
ccx.spec 0000005187 5.07 KB
ccx_2.20.src.tar.bz2 0001499901 1.43 MB
ccx_2.20.test.tar.bz2 0012636197 12.1 MB
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