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OpenSCAD is a software for creating solid 3D CAD objects. Unlike most free software for creating 3D models it does not focus on the artistic aspects of 3D modelling but instead on the CAD aspects. Thus it might be the application you are looking for when you are planning to create 3D models of machine parts but pretty sure is not what you are looking for when you are more interested in creating computer-animated movies.

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CVE-2022-0496.patch 0000003812 3.72 KB about 1 year
CVE-2022-0497.patch 0000000848 848 Bytes about 1 year
_constraints 0000000314 314 Bytes almost 2 years
fix_build_issue_with_overloaded_join.patch 0000003329 3.25 KB 12 months
fix_build_with_cgal-5.3.patch 0000001631 1.59 KB 12 months
fix_build_with_cgal-5.4.patch 0000001352 1.32 KB 9 months
openscad-2021.01.src.tar.gz 0015817555 15.1 MB almost 2 years
openscad.changes 0000010928 10.7 KB 9 months
openscad.spec 0000003593 3.51 KB 9 months
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