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AppArmor profiles that are loaded into the apparmor kernel module

Base profiles. AppArmor is a file and network mandatory access control
mechanism. AppArmor confines processes to the resources allowed by the
systems administrator and can constrain the scope of potential security

This package is part of a suite of tools that used to be named

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
apparmor-2.3-ntpd-sys_nice 0000000653 653 Bytes about 11 years
apparmor-profiles-2.3-1351.tar.gz 0000039027 38.1 KB about 13 years
apparmor-profiles-sshd-fix 0000001276 1.25 KB almost 13 years
apparmor-profiles.changes 0000018010 17.6 KB over 10 years
apparmor-profiles.spec 0000002960 2.89 KB over 10 years
ready 0000000000 0 Bytes about 15 years
series 0000000027 27 Bytes almost 13 years
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