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FileZilla is a modern and powerful FTP client for Windows and Linux.
FileZilla development focuses on high usability while also supporting
as many useful features as possible. FileZilla is "Open Source" under
the GPL license.

Some of the main features are: * Continuing interrupted

* Managing different FTP sites

* Modifiable Commands

* Keep-Alive-System

* Timeout detection

* Firewall support

* SOCKS4/5 and HTTP 1.1 proxy support

* SSL support (secure connections)

* SFTP support

* Upload/Download queue

* Drag&Drop support

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
FileZilla_3.67.0_src.tar.xz 0004058264 3.87 MB
disable-avx-on-i586.patch 0000000916 916 Bytes
filezilla-sftp_crypt_info_dlg.patch 0000001003 1003 Bytes
filezilla-verifyhostkeydialog.patch 0000001038 1.01 KB
filezilla-welcome_dialog.patch 0000000765 765 Bytes
filezilla.changes 0000087404 85.4 KB
filezilla.spec 0000004363 4.26 KB
Comments 1

Eric Schirra's avatar

I told you and warned, you can't just update libfilzilla.

You can only update libfilzilla in conjunction with FileZilla.

Libfilzilla is too new

I made two requests, one a rollback to an old version of libfilzilla and the second an updaterequest for FileZilla.

After that everything will work again.

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