Arcade style game with stereo sounds

A game like "Boulderdash" (C 64) or "Emerald Mine" (Amiga). Included
are many levels known from the games "Boulderdash", "Emerald Mine",
"Sokoban", "Supaplex" and "DX-Boulderdash", level elements for "Diamond
Caves II" style games and a lot of new levels designed by other

Some features:

- joystick support for Linux, FreeBSD and DOS/Windows

- local multiplayer support for all supported platforms

- network multiplayer support for Unix platform

- soft scrolling with 50 frames/s

- stereo sound effects and music

- music module support for SDL version (Unix/Win32)

- fullscreen support for SDL version (Unix/Win32)

- lots of additional levels available (over 10.000)

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