Integrated web browser, composer, mail/news client, and IRC client

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SeaMonkey is an all-in-one Internet application suite containing a web browser, an e-mail and newsgroup client with an included web feed reader and calendar, an HTML editor and web development tools, and an IRC client. SeaMonkey is a successor to the popular Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Application Suite, and (unlike its siblings, Firefox and Thunderbird) retains Mozilla's more traditional-looking interface.

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Source Files
Filename Size Changed
_constraints 0000000444 444 Bytes
mozilla-nongnome-proxies.patch 0000001274 1.24 KB
mozilla-ntlm-full-path.patch 0000000780 780 Bytes 0000004290 4.19 KB
seamonkey- 0013662504 13 MB
seamonkey- 0266075292 254 MB
seamonkey-GNUmakefile 0000005196 5.07 KB
seamonkey-appdata.tar.bz2 0000003025 2.95 KB
seamonkey-desktop.tar.bz2 0000022975 22.4 KB
seamonkey-lto.patch 0000000625 625 Bytes
seamonkey-man-page.patch 0000000802 802 Bytes
seamonkey-rpmlintrc 0000000029 29 Bytes
seamonkey.changes 0000191372 187 KB
seamonkey.spec 0000015170 14.8 KB
spellcheck.js 0000000060 60 Bytes
suse-default-prefs.js 0000000646 646 Bytes
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psych0naut wrote

The 2.53.13 package is currently failing to build due to some third-party Rust code that doesn't compile with recent versions of Rust. The problem has already been fixed in 2.53.14beta1 but I am not sure if a backport is trivial. I will investigate as time permits but it may be better to simply wait until the official release of 2.53.14.

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jindam wrote

If possible can you please add arm7vl version. I am on tumbleweed

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