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Qt application for cutting parts out of DVB streams


DVBcut is a Qt application that allows you to select certain parts of an MPEG
transport stream (as received via Digital Video Broadcasting, DVB) and save
these parts into a single MPEG output file. It follows a `keyhole surgery''
approach where the input video and audio data is mostly kept unchanged, and
only very few frames at the beginning and/or end of the selected range are re-
encoded in order to obtain a valid MPEG file.

Source Files
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dvbcut-0.7.2.tar.gz 0000185413 181 KB over 3 years
dvbcut-a52.patch 0000000549 549 Bytes over 3 years
dvbcut-appicon.patch 0000001339 1.31 KB over 3 years
dvbcut-locale.patch 0000000614 614 Bytes over 3 years
dvbcut-qt5_utils.patch 0000001503 1.47 KB over 3 years
dvbcut-use_pkgconfig.patch 0000001458 1.42 KB over 3 years
dvbcut.changes 0000000150 150 Bytes over 3 years
dvbcut.spec 0000003626 3.54 KB over 3 years
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