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GNOME Keyring Password Manager

The GNOME Keyring is a daemon in the session, similar to ssh-agent,
and other applications can use it to store passwords and other
sensitive information.

The program can manage several keyrings, each with its own master
password, and there is also a session keyring which is never stored to
disk, but forgotten when the session ends.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
baselibs.conf 0000000341 341 Bytes over 6 years
gnome-keyring-3.28.2.tar.xz 0001322108 1.26 MB over 3 years
gnome-keyring-bsc1039461-pam-man-page.patch 0000008871 8.66 KB over 4 years
gnome-keyring-bsc932232-use-libgcrypt-allocators.patch 0000001056 1.03 KB almost 4 years
gnome-keyring-bsc932232-use-non-fips-md5.patch 0000002942 2.87 KB over 5 years
gnome-keyring-pam-auth-prompt-password.patch 0000001476 1.44 KB about 4 years
gnome-keyring.changes 0000089306 87.2 KB over 3 years
gnome-keyring.spec 0000007683 7.5 KB over 3 years
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