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Command line tools for managing ACLs over NFSv4


Command line tools for viewing and setting ACLs (Access Control Lists)
when using NFSv4 to access a remote filesystem. The remote filesystem
must also support ACLs.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
0001-nfs4_ace_from_string-ignore-inheritance-ACEs-on-non-.patch 0000001829 1.79 KB almost 6 years
allow-spaces-in-principal-names.patch 0000003565 3.48 KB almost 8 years
nfs-acl-tools-xattr.patch 0000002779 2.71 KB over 7 years
nfs4-acl-tools-0.3.3-git4cb4187e83.tar.bz2 0000085131 83.1 KB over 10 years
nfs4-acl-tools.changes 0000001627 1.59 KB about 3 years
nfs4-acl-tools.spec 0000002003 1.96 KB about 3 years
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