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Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for technical computing, with syntax that is familiar to users of other technical computing environments. It provides a sophisticated compiler, distributed parallel execution, numerical accuracy, and an extensive mathematical function library. The library, largely written in Julia itself, also integrates mature, best-of-breed C and Fortran libraries for linear algebra, random number generation, signal processing, and string processing.

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Rmath-julia-0.1.tar.gz 0000169150 165 KB
_constraints 0000000313 313 Bytes
julia-0.4.6.tar.gz 0005548248 5.29 MB
julia-compat.changes 0000010847 10.6 KB
julia-compat.spec 0000010210 9.97 KB
julia-disable-llvm-timestamps.patch 0000001025 1 KB
julia.changes 0000010847 10.6 KB
julia.spec 0000010210 9.97 KB
juliabuildopts 0000000684 684 Bytes
libuv-efb40768b7c7bd9f173a7868f74b92b1c5a61a0e.tar.gz 0000730501 713 KB
llvm-3.3.src.tar.gz 0013602421 13 MB
pre_checkin.sh 0000000160 160 Bytes
utf8proc-85789180158ac7fff85b9f008828d6ac44f072ea.tar.gz 0000144180 141 KB
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