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StrongSwan is an OpenSource IPsec-based VPN Solution for Linux

* runs both on Linux 2.4 (KLIPS IPsec) and Linux 2.6 (NETKEY IPsec) kernels
* implements both the IKEv1 and IKEv2 (RFC 4306) key exchange protocols
* Fully tested support of IPv6 IPsec tunnel and transport connections
* Dynamical IP address and interface update with IKEv2 MOBIKE (RFC 4555)
* Automatic insertion and deletion of IPsec-policy-based firewall rules
* Strong 128/192/256 bit AES or Camellia encryption, 3DES support
* NAT-Traversal via UDP encapsulation and port floating (RFC 3947)
* Dead Peer Detection (DPD, RFC 3706) takes care of dangling tunnels
* Static virtual IPs and IKEv1 ModeConfig pull and push modes
* XAUTH server and client functionality on top of IKEv1 Main Mode authentication
* Virtual IP address pool managed by IKE daemon or SQL database
* Secure IKEv2 EAP user authentication (EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, EAP-MSCHAPv2, etc.)
* Optional relaying of EAP messages to AAA server via EAP-RADIUS plugin
* Support of IKEv2 Multiple Authentication Exchanges (RFC 4739)
* Authentication based on X.509 certificates or preshared keys
* Generation of a default self-signed certificate during first strongSwan startup
* Retrieval and local caching of Certificate Revocation Lists via HTTP or LDAP
* Full support of the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP, RCF 2560).
* CA management (OCSP and CRL URIs, default LDAP server)
* Powerful IPsec policies based on wildcards or intermediate CAs
* Group policies based on X.509 attribute certificates (RFC 3281)
* Storage of RSA private keys and certificates on a smartcard (PKCS #11 interface)
* Modular plugins for crypto algorithms and relational database interfaces
* Support of elliptic curve DH groups and ECDSA certificates (Suite B, RFC 4869)
* Optional built-in integrity and crypto tests for plugins and libraries
* Smooth Linux desktop integration via the strongSwan NetworkManager applet

This package triggers the installation of both, IKEv1 and IKEv2 daemons.

Source Files
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0005-strongswan-5.2.2-5.3.0_unknown_payload.patch 0000006047 5.91 KB
0006-strongswan-5.1.0-5.3.1_enforce_remote_auth.patch 0000003032 2.96 KB
0007-strongswan-4.4.0-5.3.3_eap_mschapv2_state.patch 0000001052 1.03 KB
README.SUSE 0000002342 2.29 KB
fips-enforce.conf 0000000742 742 Bytes 0000001934 1.89 KB
strongswan-5.2.2-rpmlintrc 0000000428 428 Bytes
strongswan-5.2.2.tar.bz2 0004169095 3.98 MB
strongswan-5.2.2.tar.bz2.sig 0000000648 648 Bytes
strongswan.changes 0000074522 72.8 KB 0000008747 8.54 KB
strongswan.keyring 0000003085 3.01 KB
strongswan.spec 0000038942 38 KB
strongswan_fipscheck.patch 0000001928 1.88 KB
strongswan_fipsfilter.patch 0000008010 7.82 KB
strongswan_ipsec_service.patch 0000000198 198 Bytes
strongswan_modprobe_syslog.patch 0000001869 1.83 KB
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