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An easy-to-use USENET news reader

tin is an easy-to-use USENET news reader for the console using NNTP.
It supports threading, scoring, different charsets, and many other
useful things. It has also support for different languages.

This version contains 2 patches by dnh@opensuse.org changing the
default key for toggling rot13 from '%' to 'd' and displaying the
number of unread posts instead of lines in the threadview.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
tin-2.0.0-no_datetime_in_bin.patch 0000000427 427 Bytes over 6 years
tin-2.0.0_toggle_rot_key.patch 0000000594 594 Bytes over 6 years
tin-2.6.0-unread-not-lines.patch 0000000719 719 Bytes over 1 year
tin-2.6.0.tar.xz 0001575564 1.5 MB over 1 year
tin-2.6.0.tar.xz.sign 0000000286 286 Bytes over 1 year
tin-rpmlintrc 0000000279 279 Bytes over 11 years
tin.changes 0000015287 14.9 KB over 1 year
tin.spec 0000004743 4.63 KB over 1 year
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dnh wrote over 1 year ago

Anyone know what's up with pkgconfig(libgsasl) / openssl on SLE?

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