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The MongoDB document-oriented database system (metapackage)


MongoDB is a document-oriented database program. Classified as a
NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with
schemas. It has auto-sharding, built-in replication, TTL indexes,
text search as well as an aggregation framework and native MapReduce.

This metapackage will install the mongo shell, import/export tools,
other client utilities, server software, default configuration, and
init.d scripts.

### This is now unmantained as it is not possible to comply with upstreams new
license for later versions (SSPL 1.0) on most hardware

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
_constraints 0000000167 167 Bytes over 3 years
fix-abi-not-declared.patch 0000000428 428 Bytes almost 2 years
fix-ftbfs-with-openssl-1.1.1.patch 0000001214 1.19 KB almost 2 years
mongo-src-3.6.8-python3.patch 0000073660 71.9 KB almost 3 years
mongodb-3.6.8-fix-syntax.patch 0000000884 884 Bytes almost 3 years
mongodb-src-r3.6.8.tar.gz 0040428295 38.6 MB about 3 years
mongodb-tmpfile 0000000143 143 Bytes almost 9 years
mongodb.changes 0000039339 38.4 KB almost 2 years
mongodb.conf 0000000807 807 Bytes almost 4 years
mongodb.init 0000007066 6.9 KB about 6 years
mongodb.logrotate 0000000176 176 Bytes over 7 years
mongodb.service 0000000920 920 Bytes almost 4 years
mongodb.spec 0000011904 11.6 KB almost 2 years
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Yunhe Guo's avatar

guoyunhe wrote about 1 year ago

Is here any compatible FOSS alternatives? Like MariaDB to MySQL?

Yunhe Guo's avatar

guoyunhe wrote about 1 year ago

Should we just move it to Packman?

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