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Given the enormous amounts of e-mail many people gather, and the importance of
e-mail message in our work-flows, it's essential to quickly deal with all that
mail - in particular, to instantly find that one important e-mail you need
right now.

mu is a tool for dealing with e-mail messages stored in the Maildir-format. mu
main purpose is to help you to quickly find the messages you need; in addition,
it allows you to quickly to view messages, extract attachments, create new
maildirs, ...
See the mu cheatsheet for some examples.

Searching works by first indexing your messages into a Xapian-database. After
that, you can quickly find message using a powerful query language.

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mu-1.0.tar.gz 0002273670 2.17 MB almost 5 years
mu-fix-autoconf-requirement.patch 0000000532 532 Bytes almost 5 years
mu-rpmlintrc 0000000257 257 Bytes almost 11 years
mu.changes 0000011326 11.1 KB almost 5 years
mu.sh 0000001104 1.08 KB almost 12 years
mu.spec 0000007755 7.57 KB almost 5 years
mug.desktop 0000000126 126 Bytes almost 12 years
mug.png 0000038107 37.2 KB almost 12 years
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