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Perl extension for formatting numbers


These functions provide an easy means of formatting numbers in a manner
suitable for displaying to the user.

There are two ways to use this package. One is to declare an object of type
Number::Format, which you can think of as a formatting engine. The various
functions defined here are provided as object methods. The constructor
'new()' can be used to set the parameters of the formatting engine. Valid
parameters are:

THOUSANDS_SEP - character inserted between groups of 3 digits
DECIMAL_POINT - character separating integer and fractional parts
MON_THOUSANDS_SEP - like THOUSANDS_SEP, but used for format_price
MON_DECIMAL_POINT - like DECIMAL_POINT, but used for format_price
INT_CURR_SYMBOL - character(s) denoting currency (see format_price())
DECIMAL_DIGITS - number of digits to the right of dec point (def 2)
DECIMAL_FILL - boolean; whether to add zeroes to fill out decimal
NEG_FORMAT - format to display negative numbers (def ``-x'')
KILO_SUFFIX - suffix to add when format_bytes formats kilobytes (trad)
MEGA_SUFFIX - " " " " " " megabytes (trad)
GIGA_SUFFIX - " " " " " " gigabytes (trad)
KIBI_SUFFIX - suffix to add when format_bytes formats kibibytes (iec)
MEBI_SUFFIX - " " " " " " mebibytes (iec)
GIBI_SUFFIX - " " " " " " gibibytes (iec)

They may be specified in upper or lower case, with or without a leading
hyphen ( - ).

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