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icedtea-web: update to 1.3

This updates icedtea-web to version 1.3:
- bnc#779001: update to 1.3
- New features:
* Web Start launch errors are now printed to give proper indication as to the cause
* Significant performance improvement when loading applets that refer to missing classes
* Support for latest versions of Chromium
* Security warning dialog improvements to better clarify security request
* Support build with GTK2 and GTK3
* Cookie write support (i.e set cookies in browser via Java/Applet)
- Common:
* Applet window icon improved
- Plug-in:
* PR975: Ignore classpaths specified in jar manifests when using jnlp_href
* PR1011: Treat folders as such when specified in archive tags
* PR855: AppletStub getDocumentBase() now returns full URL
* PR722: Unsigned META-INF entries are ignored
* PR861: Jars can now load from non codebase hosts
* PR1106: Icedtea 1.2.1 crashes Firefox 14
- Web Start:
* PR898: Large signed JNLP files now supported
* PR811: URLs with spaces now handled correctly

Fixed bugs
icedtea-web 1.3 update
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