Update for FastCGI, FastCGI.import5575, ImageMag... recommended low

sysconfig: various fixes

This collective update for sysconfig provides the following

- Added WIRELESS_AUTH_MODE='no-encryption' option handling
to ifup-wireless, because YaST sets it (bnc#648830).
- Fixed get_depending_ifaces to not return bonding slaves
by default as it is not required to stop the slaves
before the bonding master goes down and in fact it may
cause a system hang, when the slaves are infiniband child
interfaces, that are deleted while ifdown (bnc#698478).
- Fixed to use 600 mode in spec attr for ifcfg-lo to avoid
that rpm -V report it as modified because of the chmod
added to the post-install script in bnc#670871.

Fixed bugs
essid not set for unencrypted wireless network (netcontrol, no-encryption snafu)
VUL-0: ifcfg-wlan0 becoming world readable
[MAINT_MISSING_L3] network shutdown hang
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