Update for FastCGI, FastCGI.165, GraphicsMagick,... recommended moderate

drbd: update to 8.3.11

This update drbd to 8.3.11, providing the following changes:
- Added missing spinlock in compressed bitmap receive (regression introduced in 8.3.10, could lead to "negative" out-of-sync stats and non-terminating resync when "use-rle" is enabled)
- Fixed handling of read errors during online verify runs
- Fixes for possible distributed deadlocks during online verify and checksum based resync processes
- Fixed handling of IO errors with an on-io-error=pass-on policy; the disk state goes to inconsistent
- Fixed the behavior in case ping-timeout and ping-int are set to the same value
- Fix for connecting on high latency network links
- Fixed wrong connection drops ("PingAck did not arrive in time") with asymmetrically congested networks
- Fixed state transitions if fence-peer handler returns after connection was established again
- Fixes to drbdmeta and drbdsetup for the > 16TByte support
- Made negotiation of max_bio_size conservative instead of optimistic
- Network timeouts for mirrored write requests are now always enforced, no longer only when the socket is congested

Fixed bugs
DRBD userland tools version does not match kernel module version
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