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kiwi: collective update

This update fixes the following issues for kiwi:
- 754344: fixed updateOtherDeviceFstab() to correctly create missing mount points inside the root file system
- fixed compare of object addresses by using refaddr. This is more robust because objects can overload operators like '!='
- 752259: make sure kernelCheck() initializes list of kernels if empty
- 743159:
- follow up and improved fix for basePackBootIncludes to pack only items listed in the rpm package filelist but don't recursively look them up in the filesystem when tar'ing them up added staging/hv drivers to SLE11 boot image descriptions.
- really fixed basePackBootIncludes to pack only files and don't break if packages includes symbolic links
- 747898:
- Beginning with SLE11-SP2 the drivers are part of the standard kernel and thus they should be preserved
- a new function called suseStripModules() has been added. The function searches for update modules and removes the old version which might be provided by the standard kernel to prevent a load clash
- make sure /etc/modprobe.d is preserved
- 732247: fixed importFile function to export only prefixed version of the variable if there is a prefix and not both
- 745548: fixed import of dhcp info file
- 740073:
- make sure xfs_growfs and xfs_check stay in the initrd
- Properly support image builds for SLE with xfs and btrfs filesystem The initrd image descriptions previously did not include necessary drivers and packages
- 740033: fixed rebuild of rpm database
- 736491: fixed xen initrd inflate/deflate problem. Xen see the bootsplash at the end of the initrd as garbage and refuses to boot. With this patch we skip the bootsplash setup if it's xen
- 731457: fixed udev database transfer. udev stores the database in /run and in /dev/.udev. kiwi did not take care for the information in /run which has a bad impact on systemd waiting for udev events which did not appear
- 729315:
- fixed parameter quoting of setupBootLoader() functions
- apply quoting of .profile contents during build
- fixed parameter quoting in setupBootLoader
- 730763: fixed call of checkmedia
- 729857: renamed image format vpc to vhd. vhd seems to be the well known name for Microsoft HyperV images
- 729636: fixed creation of initial aligned partition table in KIWIBoot.pm. In SuSE studio the loop device which is normally the target for parted is relinked behind the scene to a virtio device. As result parted now sees a real disk geometry and that induced the bug in kiwi which is not visible if it operates on the file mapped loop device only. Looking at that partition code has turned out that the alignment is broken which in the end broke the repartition process in the first boot of an oem install image. The code is now fixed to work properly on any storage device
- 729251: make sure partedSectorInit() comes up with an initial value for the start sector if the partition table is empty
- 728885: fixed setLogFile path writable check
- other fixes

Fixed bugs
No mount point created for an extra partition on the POS terminal
FORCE_KEXEC=yes causes infinite loop of reboots after initial (succesfull) image deployment
bootinclude does not work
openSUSE VHD unable to load hv_* drivers correctly
Not able to deploy image to terminal when scConfigFileSyncTemplate is configured
pxeSetupDownloadServer (KIWILinuxRC.sh) fails in conjunction with CISCO Catalyst 2950 Series Switches
SLES 11 SP1 images built with KIWI using XFS as file system fail to boot
It is not possible to build openSUSE 11.x based images on a 12.1 machine
XEN images can't be extracted
systemd hangs when processing swap on lvm
double quotes in kiwi_oemtitle of .profile are not properly escaped
12.1 final GNOME Live CD unable to check installation medium
Please rename vpc to vhd
unaligned origin table could cause oem image to break
problem with parted
kiwi --logfile, wrong evaluation of current directory
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