virtuoso: update to 6.1.6

virtuoso was updated to 6.1.6.

Apparently it fixes a severe endless loop problem.

Other changes:
* Fixes over 6.1.5. See the Changelog file for full changelog.

- update to 6.1.6rc3, which is needed for KDE 4.8.5/4.9.0:
* Fixed resource name encoding problem
* Merged DET_S3.sql
* Merged cutter tool
* Updated version numbers
* Fixed typos
* Merged Briefcase VAD
* Fixed role binding can be one to many
* Fixed IN operator
Optimization by ssg_print_builtin_expre so that it does not complete
RDF boxes (for IRIs only at right side).
* Fixed disabled accounts can still be used in set_user_id
* Fixed small issues for VOS release
* Added initial support for rdb2rdf VAD

Fixed bugs
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