gtk3: Update to version 3.6.5

This update fixes the following issues with gtk3:
- bnc#860690: Update to version 3.6.5
+ Bugs fixed:
* bgo#669808: fullscreen/unscreen was broken for Quartz on OS X
* bgo#672271: File chooser seems over-enthusiastic about using subdirectories
* bgo#687066: gtk 3.6.1 fails to build for win32
* bgo#688534: gdk 3.6.2 does not build with mesa 9.0.1
* bgo#691426: get_current_desktop does not interpret property data correctly
* bgo#691515: Insufficient checks for EWMH support
* bgo#691572: Touch: strengthen synthesized touch crossing events machinery against programmatic crossings
* bgo#694742: Fix possible memory leak when GlobalAlloc() fails
* bgo#694755: When clicking Activities, sometimes gnome-shell crashes
* bgo#695278: Avoid passing a NULL title to setTitle
* bgo#695312: Initial 'text' set in the non-numeric-only GtkSpinButton automatically overwritten to '0.0'
* bgo#696171: GtkAssistant highlighted font unreadable
* bgo#696202: Add GtkSpinner animation back to Win32 theme
+ Updated translations.

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