Security update for vlc

This update for vlc fixes the following issues:

- Update to version 3.0.18 (CVE-2022-41325, boo#1206142):
+ macOS: Fix audio device listing with non-latin names.
+ Misc: Fix rendering and performance issue with older GPUs.
+ Updated translations.
- Changes from version 3.0.18-rc2:
+ Codec/Demux:
- Add support for Y16 chroma.
- Fix build of gme plugin.
+ Lua:
- Fix script for vocaroo.
- Fix script for youtube to allow throttled playback.
+ Service Discovery: Fix UPnP regression on Windows.
+ Video Output: Fix video placement with caopengllayer.
+ Misc: Fix password search in kwallet module.
- Changes from version 3.0.18-rc:
+ Demux:
- Major adaptive streaming update, notably for multiple
timelies and webvtt.
- Fix seeking with some fragmented MP4 files.
- Add support for DVBSub inside MKV.
- Fix some Flac files that could not be played.
- Improve seeking in Ogg files.
+ Decoders:
- Fix DxVA/D3D11 crashes on HEVC files with bogus references.
- Fix libass storage size and crash.
- Fix decoding errors on macOS hw decoding on some HEVC files.
+ Video Output:
- Fix color regression with VAAPI/iOS and OpenGL output.
- Fix some resizing issues with OpenGL on GLX/EGL/X11/XV.
- Fix Direct3d9 texture stretching.
- Fix 10-bit accelerated video filters on macOS.
+ Playlist: Avoid playlist liveloop on failed/tiny items
(temporize EOS bursts).
+ Misc:
- Misc fixes for the extension UI on macOS.
- Improve SMBv1 and SMBv2 behaviours.
- Improve FTP compatibility.
- Support RISC-V.
- Fix AVI muxing for Windows Media Player compatibility.
- Fix seeking speed on macOS.

Fixed bugs
VUL-0: CVE-2022-41325: vlc: security update 3.0.18
Lua failure
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