Recommended update for psi+

This update for psi+ fixes the following issues:

psi+ was updated to 1.4.877.

* Fixed psi autostart on Linux OS
* An attempt to fix text drag-n-drop in OS Linux with Qt>=5.11
* fixed drag'n'drop for sharing
* PEP options updated. Added possibility to enable/disable tunes from options
* Update sound record button on chatedit type switching
* Fixed potential crash on audio histogram normalization
* Added actions to desktop file
* Fixed crash on roster contact search
* make histogram working
* Jingle over http (#464)
* Removed A Tip Of The Day dialog as outdated
* Rubbish removed
* themeserver removed
* Enabled http server on all unix systems
* Fixed text label emptiness at start of recording
* File sharing for arbitrary mimetype
* Voice messaging UI
* Deprecate http upload plugin in favor of internal media sharing
* Auto accept jingle download requests for shared files
* save downloaded share to cache
* Handle only audio references for now
* Make audio messages working
* Work in progress on reference display
* Fixed crash on apply of terminated session
* Fixed crash on double delete of httpupload
* Remove temporary shared files
* Send all shared items in one message
* Send references in one message
* iris relinked
* qite relinked

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.0:Update update project.

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