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osc: Update to 0.134.1

This update of osc to 0.134.1 provides the following changes:

* adding unlock command
* maintenance_incident requests get created with source revision of package
* Enables new maintenance submissions for new OBS 2.3 maintenance model
* Fixes srcmd5 revisions in submit request, when link target != submission target
* patchinfo call can work without checked out copy now
* use qemu as fallback for building not directly supported architectures
* "results --watch" option to watch build results until they finished building
* fixes injection of terminal control chars (bnc#749335)(CVE-2012-1095)
* support dryrun of branching to preview the expected result. "osc sm" is doing this now by default.
* maintenance requests accept package lists as source and target incidents to be merged in
* add "setincident" command to "request" to re-direct a maintenance request
* ask user to create "maintenance incident" request when submit request is failing at release project
* "osc my patchinfos" is showing patchinfos where any open bug is assigned to user
* "osc my" or "osc my work" is including assigned patchinfos
* "osc branch --maintenance" is creating setups for maintenance
* removed debug code lead to warning message (fix by Marcus_H)
* add --meta option also to "list", "cat" and "less" commands
* project checkout is skipping packages linking to project local packages by default
* add --keep-link option to copypac command
* source validators are not called by default anymore:
* support source services using OBS project or package name
* support updateing _patchinfo file with new issues just by calling "osc patchinfo" again
* branch --add-repositories can be used to add repos from source project to target project
* branch --extend-package-names can be used to do mbranch like branch of a single package
* branch --new-package can be used to do branch from a not yet existing package (to define later submit target)
* show declined requests which created by user

Fixed bugs
[SLES11SP2] build command fails due to change in libvolume and liblzma package (SDK)
openldap2 Package wrong summary
** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem. When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided.
VUL-1: osc doesnt stop terminal control sequences
openSUSE:Tools/osc-source_validator: Bug
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