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timezone: Update to 2011c

The Olson timezone database has been updated to version

This package update contains the following DST-related

* Pacific/Fiji will end DST 3 weeks earlier than expected
- on March 6, 2011, not March 27, 2011.
* Pacific/Apia will switch from WSDT to WST on Apr 3;
however, the precise time of the switch has been
incorrect in previous version.
* Chile (America/Santiago, Pacific/Easter) will postpone
the end of DST by a month again, this time to help
dealing with the water shortage; the DST will end on
April 3, 2011, not March 13, 2011.

These new zones have been introduced:

* Mercer County, North Dakota
(America/North_Dakota/Beulah) switched from the
mountain time zone to the central time zone at the last
transition from daylight-saving to standard time (on
Nov. 7, 2010).
* Detailed information on time changes in some Indian
reservations in Alaska has been discovered, leading to
split of new timezones America/Sitka and
America/Metlakatla off America/Juneau.

Historical time information has been adjusted for these
* America/Juneau has been adjusted in accordance with the
discovered information on Alaska time history.
* Asia/Hong_Kong declared that daylight saving was used
in year 1977, while in fact it was not.
* South Australia (Australia/Adelaide,
Australia/Broken_Hill) definitions have been cleaned
up; the zone binary data changed but not the
* Pacific/Honolulu has been corrected to correctly define
abandonment of local mean time as of 1896 and DST usage
between 1942 and 1945.

Fixed bugs
timezone update to 2011b
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