Recommended update for yast2, yast2-firewall, and yast2-services-manager

This update for yast2, yast2-firewall, and yast2-services-manager fixes the following issues:

# Package: yast2

- Show dialog if registration is skipped. (fate#318196)
- Add tags to describe the location for the "all-packages" medium. This information will
be shown if the registration has been skipped by the user. No hint will be shown if
these tags have not been defined. (fate#325834)

- Log viewer: replace invalid UTF-8 characters from the displayed log to avoid a crash.

- firewalld configuration failed when setting public zone as default second time.
- firewalld: fixed the API cmd call for removing services from zones, when the firewall
is in offline mode. (bsc#1108628)
- Added new methods to firewalld_wrapper in order to switch yast2-dhcp-server to new
firewall module. (bsc#1108942)
- Network (Firewall): Added modify_masquerade method to zones API unifying the way
changes are applied to single value attributes. (bsc#1112547)
- CWMFirewallInterfaces: Improved the UX replacing the api calls for checking supported
services once the list supported ones are already known by the firewalld instance.

# Package: yast2-firewall

AutoYast schema:
- Allowed the new 'description', 'short' and 'target' elements in
zone entries (bsc#1108199)

Included Features:
- New user interface for firewalld configuration (fate#324662, bsc#1111370):
* Manage the firewalld service
* Browse interfaces and assign them to firewall zones
* List zones and design one of them as the default
* Assign services to zones
* Open ports
- Enable and open the SSH port when only public key authentication is available for the
root user. (fate#324690)

# Package: yast2-services-manager

- Do not crash in chroot environment (bsc#1113732)
- Adapted to use the new Y2Firewall::Firewalld::Interface objects instead of a hash.
This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-15:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
yast is displaying invalid byte sequence in UTF-8
[Build 50.1] firewalld configuration fails when setting public zone as default second time
fails to call firewall-offline-cmd in the installation
yast2-dhcp-server still tries to use SuSEfirewall2
[Build 319.3] [Build 319.3] undefined method modify_masquerade error during the second stage
[Build 20180910] autoyast profile doesn't validate when cloning system
Trackerbug: [ECO] YaST module for firewalld [fate#324662]
yast services-manager in chroot environment: Internal error (we should detect and fail gracefully)
yast2 testsuite runs commands from the real system and asks for the root password in popup
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