Update for 00Meta, DisplayCAL, DisplayCAL.11793,... security moderate

Security update for phpMyAdmin

This update for phpMyAdmin fixes the following issues:

phpMyAdmin was updated to

* Several issues with SYSTEM VERSIONING tables
* Fixed json encode error in export
* Fixed JavaScript events not activating on input (sql bookmark issue)
* Show Designer combo boxes when adding a constraint
* Fix edit view
* Fixed invalid default value for bit field
* Fix several errors relating to GIS data types
* Fixed javascript error PMA_messages is not defined
* Fixed import XML data with leading zeros
* Fixed php notice, added support for 'DELETE HISTORY' table privilege (MariaDB >= 10.3.4)
* Fixed MySQL 8.0.0 issues with GIS display
* Fixed "Server charset" in "Database server" tab showing wrong information
* Fixed can not copy user on Percona Server 5.7
* Updated sql-parser to version 4.3.2, which fixes several parsing and linting problems

- boo#1137497 / PMASA-2019-4 / CVE-2019-12616 / CWE-661: Fixed CSRF vulnerability in login form

- boo#1137496 / PMASA-2019-3 / CVE-2019-11768 / CWE-661: Fixed SQL injection in Designer feature

Fixed bugs
VUL-0: CVE-2019-11768: phpmyadmin: specially crafted database name in the designer feature can be used to trigger an SQL injection attack
VUL-0: CVE-2019-12616: phpmyadmin: broken tag provided by attacker and pointing at the victim's phpMyAdmin database can cause CSRF
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