Recommended update for autoyast2

This update for autoyast2 fixes the following issues:

- Saving log files of postpartitioning-scripts. (bsc#1145269)
- Fix for an issue when Autoyast was unable to set NTP client configuration policy. (bsc#1172026)
- Move pre-scripts to the 'autoinit' client, running them just after the profile has been processed. (bsc#1110413)
- Import general and report sections in case that some pre-script modified the profile (bsc#1175725)

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-15-SP1:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
logfile from postpartitioning-scripts not preserved
AutoYaST unable to set NTP client Configuration Source to Static via ntp_policy
AutoYaST pre-scripts are NOT executed before software section / products entries are verified
autoyast network interface node fails to parse
even when setting insecure=1 there is an error that the repomdxml is not digitally signed
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