Security update for qemu

This update for qemu fixes the following issues:

- CVE-2020-12829: Fix OOB access in sm501 device emulation (bsc#1172385)
- CVE-2020-25723: Fix use-after-free in usb xhci packet handling (bsc#1178934)
- CVE-2020-25084: Fix use-after-free in usb ehci packet handling (bsc#1176673)
- CVE-2020-25625: Fix infinite loop (DoS) in usb hcd-ohci emulation (bsc#1176684)
- CVE-2020-25624: Fix OOB access in usb hcd-ohci emulation (bsc#1176682)
- CVE-2020-27617: Fix guest triggerable assert in shared network handling code (bsc#1178174)
- CVE-2020-28916: Fix infinite loop (DoS) in e1000e device emulation (bsc#1179468)
- CVE-2020-29443: Fix OOB access in atapi emulation (bsc#1181108)
- CVE-2020-27821: Fix heap overflow in MSIx emulation (bsc#1179686)
- CVE-2020-15469: Fix null pointer deref. (DoS) in mmio ops (bsc#1173612)
- CVE-2021-20257: Fix infinite loop (DoS) in e1000 device emulation (bsc#1182577)
- CVE-2021-3416: Fix OOB access (stack overflow) in rtl8139 NIC emulation (bsc#1182968)
- CVE-2021-3416: Fix OOB access (stack overflow) in other NIC emulations (bsc#1182968)
- CVE-2020-27616: Fix OOB access in ati-vga emulation (bsc#1178400)
- CVE-2020-29129: Fix OOB access in SLIRP ARP/NCSI packet processing (bsc#1179466, CVE-2020-29130, bsc#1179467)
- Fix package scripts to not use hard coded paths for temporary working directories and log files (bsc#1182425)
- Add split-provides through forsplits/13 to cover updates of SLE15-SP2 to SLE15-SP3, and openSUSE equivalents (bsc#1184064)
- Added a few more usability improvements for our git packaging workflow

This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-15-SP2:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
VUL-1: CVE-2020-29129: kvm,qemu,slirp4netns: out-of-bounds access while processing NCSI packets
VUL-1: CVE-2020-25723: kvm,qemu: assertion failure through usb_packet_unmap() in hw/usb/hcd-ehci.c
VUL-0: CVE-2020-29130: kvm,qemu,slirp4netns: out-of-bounds access while processing ARP packets
VUL-0: CVE-2021-20257: kvm,qemu: infinite loop issue in the e1000 NIC emulator
VUL-1: CVE-2020-27616: qemu,kvm: ati-vga: potential crash via invalid x y parameter values
VUL-0: CVE-2020-27821: kvm,qemu: heap buffer overflow in msix_table_mmio_write() in hw/pci/msix.c
VUL-0: qemu, kvm: packaging workflow implemented in and uses fixed temporary files and directories
'virtio-gpu-pci' is not a valid device model name
VUL-1: CVE-2020-25625: kvm,qemu: usb: hcd-ohci: infinite loop issue while processing transfer descriptors
VUL-0: CVE-2020-29443: qemu,kvm: atapi: OOB access while processing read commands
VUL-0: CVE-2020-25084: kvm,qemu: usb: use-after-free issue while setting up packet
VUL-1: CVE-2020-28916: qemu,kvm: e1000e: infinite loop scenario in case of null packet descriptor
VUL-0: CVE-2020-25624: kvm,qemu: usb: hcd-ohci: out-of-bound access issue while processing transfer descriptors
VUL-0: CVE-2020-15469: kvm,qemu: QEMU: MMIO ops null pointer dereference may lead to DoS
VUL-0: CVE-2020-12829: qemu: OOB read and write due to integer overflow in sm501_2d_operation() in hw/display/sm501.c
VUL-1: CVE-2020-27617: qemu: assert failure in eth_get_gso_type
VUL-0: CVE-2021-3419: qemu,kvm: rtl8139: stack overflow induced by infinite recursion issue
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