Security update for gcc5

The GNU Compiler Collection was updated to version 5.3.1, which brings several fixes
and enhancements.

The following security issue has been fixed:

- Fix C++11 std::random_device short read issue that could lead to predictable
randomness. (CVE-2015-5276, bsc#945842)

The following non-security issues have been fixed:

- Enable frame pointer for TARGET_64BIT_MS_ABI when stack is misaligned. Fixes internal
compiler error when building Wine. (bsc#966220)
- Fix a PowerPC specific issue in gcc-go that broke compilation of newer versions of
Docker. (bsc#964468)
- Fix HTM built-ins on PowerPC. (bsc#955382)
- Fix libgo certificate lookup. (bsc#953831)
- Suppress deprecated-declarations warnings for inline definitions of deprecated virtual
methods. (bsc#939460)
- Build s390[x] with "--with-tune=z9-109 --with-arch=z900" on SLE11 again. (bsc#954002)
- Revert accidental libffi ABI breakage on aarch64. (bsc#968771)
- On x86_64, set default 32bit code generation to -march=x86-64 rather than -march=i586.
- Add experimental File System TS library.
This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-12:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
libffi48-devel headers binary incompatible with libffi4 from gcc5
latest libffi (from gcc5) not published in update for s390x
VUL-1: CVE-2015-5276 gcc: Predictable randomness from std::random_device
[SLES 12 Toolchain Module] gcc 5.2 - FAIL: c-c++-common/asan/misalign-1.c
libgcc_s1-5.2.1+r226025-2.4 packages trigger illegal instructions on z9/z10 machines
HTM builtins aren't treated as compiler barriers on powerpc
wine 64bit fails with ICE: in choose_baseaddr, at config/i386/i386.c:10412
wrong certificate root for gcc-go
gcc-go can no longer compile Docker (master)
devel:gcc/gcc5: Bug thousands of deprecated warnings although not used
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