Security update for seamonkey

This update for Seamonkey to version 2.46 fixes security issues and bugs.

The following vulnerabilities were fixed:

- Fix all Gecko related security issues between 43.0.1 and 49.0.2
- CVE-2016-6354: buffer overrun in flex (boo#990856)

The following non-security changes are included:

- improve recognition of LANGUAGE env variable (boo#1017174)
- improve TLS compatibility with certain websites (boo#1021636)
- Seamonkey now requires NSPR 4.12 and NSS 3.25
- based on Gecko 49.0.2
- Chatzilla and DOM Inspector were disabled

Fixed bugs
MozillaFirefox, MozillaThunderbird rebuild failure with binutils
firefox in english for a french installation
firefox-esr 45.6.0 and 45.7.0 fail to show and other sites
VUL-1: CVE-2016-6354: flex,flex-old: buffer overflow in generated code (yy_get_next_buffer)
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