Recommended update for Docker, RunC, Containerd

This update for Containerd, Docker and RunC provides several fixes and enhancements.


- Update containerd to the version needed for docker-v17.04.0-ce. (bsc#1034053)
- Fix spurious messages filling journal. (bsc#1032769)
- Set TasksMax=infinity to make sure runC doesn't start failing randomly.


- Update to version 17.04.0-ce. (bsc#1034053)
- Fix execids leaks due to bad error handling. (bsc#1037436)
- Make Apparmor's pkg/aaparser work on read-only root. (bsc#1037607)
- Improve Docker's systemd configuration. (bsc#1032287)
- Check if the docker binary is available before attempting to use it. (bsc#1038476)
- Build man pages for all architectures. (bsc#953182)
- Fix DNS resolution when Docker host uses as resolver. (bsc#1034063)
- Enable Delegate=yes, since systemd will safely ignore lvalues it doesn't understand.
- Update SUSE secrets patch to handle bsc#1030702.
- Change lvm2 from Requires to Recommends: Docker usually uses a default storage driver,
when it's not configured explicitly. This default driver then depends on the underlying
system and gets chosen during installation. (bsc#1032644)
- Disable libseccomp for Leap 42.1, SLE 12 and 12-SP1, because docker needs a higher version.
Otherwise, we get the error "conditional filtering requires libseccomp version >= 2.2.1.
(bsc#1028639, bsc#1028638)
- Add a backport of fix to AppArmor lazy loading docker-exec case.
- Fix systemd TasksMax default which could throttle docker. (bsc#1026827)
- Enable pkcs11

For a comprehensive list of changes please refer to /usr/share/doc/packages/docker/


- Update version to the one required by docker-17.04.0-ce. (bsc#1034053)
- Make sure to ignore cgroup v2 mountpoints. (bsc#1028113)


- Remove duplicates when finding Requires.
- Set correct modifier if no arguments are provided.
- Handle extra_flags for build/test correctly.

This update rebuilds and updates number of golang packages with the new version of golang-packaging:

- golang-bitbucket-taruti-bigendian
- golang-github-cpuguy83-go-md2man
- golang-github-dchest-authcookie
- golang-github-docker-libnetwork
- golang-github-exercism-cli
- golang-github-fitstar-falcore
- golang-github-golang-geo
- golang-github-golang-glog
- golang-github-golang-protobuf
- golang-github-gorilla-context
- golang-github-gorilla-websocket
- golang-github-hoisie-httplib
- golang-github-hoisie-mustache
- golang-github-hoisie-web
- golang-github-jpoirier-cpu
- golang-github-kr-pty
- golang-github-kr-text
- golang-github-petar-gollrb
- golang-github-philio-gomysql
- golang-github-russross-blackfriday
- golang-github-shurcool-sanitized_anchor_name
- golang-googlecode-couch-go
- golang-googlecode-freetype-go
- golang-googlecode-goconf
- golang-googlecode-mango-doc
- golang-google-golangorg-appengine
- golang-gopkgin-check
- golang-org-x-crypto
- golang-org-x-debug
- golang-org-x-image
- golang-org-x-net
- golang-org-x-net-context
- golang-org-x-net-html
- golang-org-x-net-websocket
- golang-org-x-sync
- golang-org-x-sys
- golang-org-x-text
- golang-org-x-time-rate
- golang-org-x-tool

Some packages of this update were imported from the SUSE:SLE-12:Update update project.

Fixed bugs
devel:languages:go: Standard library missing __.PKGDEF headers
docker: conditional filtering not supported on libseccomp for leap42.1
docker: conditional filtering not supported on libseccomp for sle12 or sle12sp1
docker manual page not available on SLES 12 SP1 / Containers Module on POWER
update go to 1.7
systemd TasksMax default throttles docker
Containers cannot resolve DNS if docker host uses as resolver
containerd spurious messages filling journal in SLE 12 SP2 with docker 1.12.6
runc: make sure to ignore cgroup v2 mountpoints
update docker to v17.04.0-ce
docker fails to start containers: error creating secret
docker requires lvm2, but we don't use/need/support that
docker exec -i leaks exec IDs
Feature: Allow installing multiple go compiler versions
The image from April 28th is broken: docker fails to run containers
Missing Docker systemd configuration
"zypper in docker" fails with "docker: command not found"
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