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Ghostscript older package versions

Ghostscript is a PostScript interpreter
which is used for previewing PostScript
and PDF documents under the X Window System
and also for printing PostScript and PDF
documents on various printers.

The "Printing:ghostscript" project contains
older Ghostscript package versions that have
been used up to openSUSE 12.1.

Since openSUSE:12.2 ghostscript-library
is no longer provided and replaced
by the new package ghostscript with
its devel project "Printing", see

This means that for current Ghostscript versions
the right package name is "ghostscript" and
the right devel project is "Printing".

The packages in the "Printing:ghostscript" project
might neither be in a stable state nor fit well
into currently installed systems.

Have this in mind if you think about to install
packages from the "Printing:ghostscript" project
into your currently running system.

Do not use "Factory" if your system is not "Factory".
Use the matching packages for your particular system.
The packages in the "Printing:ghostscript" project
are only for testing, without any guarantee or warranty,
and without any support.

As an extreme example, this means if your complete
computer center crashes because of those packages,
it is only your problem.

On the other hand this does not mean that those
packages are known to be terrible broken but they
are not thoroughly tested so that any unexpected
issue can happen.

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