Downloader and installer for the nVidia driver package (396.45)

Installing these packages can take a long time. These packages will automatically download the NVIDIA driver (+-70MB) from or and save it in /usr/src.
The driver and libraries will be installed after the download.

The installer will install the nVidia files the Bumblebee way. The libraries will NOT interfere with any other libraries of a distribution and will be installed in a seperate nvidia directory. Usage will be controlled by editing the and/or using the "ModulePath" var in xorg.conf.

You can also download the NVIDIA package yourself and copy it to the /usr/src directory. The installer will then skip the download part and just install the driver and libraries the Bumblebee way.

These rpms can be used by normal and Optimus enabled nVidia systems.

Please be aware that recompiling the module by dkms can take several minutes depending on your system. Dkms will halt the start of the graphical system till compilation is finished.

Tips and tricks

You can use the /usr/lib/nvidia/ or /usr/lib64/nvidia/ to force the use of the nVidia libGL* libraries.
This is only necessary if an application is compiled with hard linked library paths ( the rpath option was used ).
A better solution is to start the offending application with:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/nvidia:/usr/lib/nvidia/vdpau [ ]

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib64/nvidia:/usr/lib64/nvidia/vdpau [ ]

and force the application to use the nVidia libs.

Release info

- Use the legacy GLX library

- Update to 396.45

* Improved recovery of Vulkan direct-to-display applications
after an application hang or crash.
* Fixed a bug that could cause multi-threaded EGL applications
to Crash when exiting.
* Improved compatibility with recent Linux kernels.
* Fixed an intermittent hang of Vulkan applications running
fullscreen when flipping is allowed.
* Removed informational messages that were printed by
nvidiamodeset.ko whenever a GPU device was allocated or freed.
* Fixed a bug that could cause kernel panics when using Quadro
SDI Capture hardware.
* Fixed a bug that caused kwin OpenGL compositing to crash when
launching certain OpenGL applications.
* Fixed an intermittent crash when launching Vulkan applications.
* Fixed an intermittent crash when launching applications through
* Fixed a bug that caused the driver, in some low bandwidth
DisplayPort configurations, to not implicitly enable display
dithering. This resulted in visible banding.
* Fixed intermittent hangs of fullscreen Vulkan applications when
focused away (e.g., by using the alt-tab key combination) on
non-composited desktops.
* Increased the version numbers of the GLVND libGL, libGLESv1_CM,
libGLESv2, and libEGL libraries, to prevent concurrently installed
non-GLVND libraries from taking precedence in the dynamic linker
* Updated the OpenGL driver to allow the use of integer format
(SINT/UINT) color attachments with depth attachments in Frame Buffer Objects.

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