Downloader and installer for the nVidia driver package (435.21)

Downloader and installer for the nVidia driver package

Installing these packages can take a long time. These packages will automatically download the NVIDIA driver (+-70MB) from or and save it in /usr/src.
The driver and libraries will be installed after the download.

The installer will install the nVidia files the Bumblebee way. The libraries will NOT interfere with any other libraries of a distribution and will be installed in a seperate nvidia directory. Usage will be controlled by editing the and/or using the "ModulePath" var in xorg.conf.

You can also download the NVIDIA package yourself and copy it to the /usr/src directory. The installer will then skip the download part and just install the driver and libraries the Bumblebee way.

These rpms can be used by normal and Optimus enabled nVidia systems.

Please be aware that recompiling the module by dkms can take several minutes depending on your system. Dkms will halt the start of the graphical system till compilation is finished.

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Release info

- Update to 435.21
Sat 5 Oct 00:23:00 CET 2019 -

- Update to 435.21

* Fixed a bug that caused the X server to crash when using
HardDPMS with an NVIDIA-driven GPU Screen.
* Fixed a bug which caused the kernel to panic when exiting
a single X server when multiple X servers were active and in
an SLI configuration.
* Fixed a regression introduced in the 430.* series of releases
that caused a segmentation fault in while using
Video Codec SDK APIs on certain graphics boards.
* Added initial experimental support for runtime D3 (RTD3) power
management on Turing notebook GPUs.
* Improved to collect runtime D3 (RTD3) power
management information.
* Improved to collect ACPI tables when the
acpidump tool is available.
* Added Vulkan and OpenGL+GLX support for PRIME render offload.
Please see the PRIME Render Offload chapter in the README for
system requirements and configuration details.
* Added support for changing Digital Vibrance in the display
controls section of nvidia-settings on Turing hardware.
* Fixed the cuvidParseVideoData API in the NVCUVID driver to
correctly propagate errors returned by the PFNVIDSEQUENCECALLBACK
callback function to the application.
* Fixed a bug that caused the NVIDIA X driver to behave incorrectly
or crash when a client queried Xinerama information on X servers
with a non-NVIDIA X screen as screen 0.
* Fixed the "Image Settings" options in the "OpenGL Settings" page
of nvidia-settings for Quadro GPUs. Previously, OpenGL rendering
on Quadro would behave as if the "High Quality" option were
selected regardless of the selection. Now, the setting will
default to "High Quality" for Quadro but selecting a lower option
will affect rendering accordingly. (Other GPUs are unchanged: the
default remains "Quality", but other options can be selected if
* Fixed a bug that could cause Vulkan applications to generate
spurious warning messages about a missing NV-GLX extension.
* Removed the non-GLVND OpenGL libraries from the NVIDIA Linux
driver installation package. The GLVND OpenGL libraries were
introduced in release 361.16, and have been installed by default
since release 364.12, with the non-GLVND versions available as
an alternative via the "--no-glvnd-glx-client" and
"--no-glvnd-egl-client" installer options. As the non-GLVND
libraries are no longer included in the installation package,
these options will no longer have any effect.
* Fixed a bug that prevented nvidia-drm from marking preferred
modes properly when reporting display information via the
* Updated nvidia-installer to make compiler mismatches non-fatal
when adding precompiled kernel interfaces to an installer
package using the "--add-this-kernel" option, to be more
consistent with the behavior when installing without
precompiled interfaces.
* Fixed the NvEncodeAPI driver to correctly reject the encoding
of sequences with resolutions smaller than what the NVENC
* Fixed display color range handling on pre-Turing GPUs, such
that when limited color range is selected through the display
controls page in nvidia-settings, output pixel values will be
correctly clamped to Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

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