turboAMD Stable libs

Here you can find stable Mesa releases + Wine Staging + Gallium Nine.
These should work every time, since they are official releases.

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pinguin74 wrote almost 3 years ago

I need a recent MESA/Llvm to get hardware acceleration with a AMD Raven Ridge (mobile Ryzen) system. How did you build llvm svn? I was able to build llvm svn, but I could not built mesa 18.0.-rc3 upon it, build process quits always. Did you apply (SUSE?) patches to the sources?

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forkbomb wrote almost 3 years ago

Sorry for late response. That depends on what LLVM version/commit was 18.0-rc3 built. I usually build latest Mesa checkout + latest LLVM checkout because both move fast. 18.0-rc3 was maybe built with some older LLVM, not sure.

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