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Problems with glibc


"The TSX problem was apparently discovered by a software developer outside of Intel, and the company then confirmed the erratum through its own testing. Errata of this magnitude aren't often discovered this late in the life of a CPU core.

As is customary in such cases, Intel has disabled the TSX instructions in current products using a CPU microcode update delivered via new revisions of motherboard firmware. Disabling TSX should ensure stable operation for Haswell CPUs, but those chips will no longer be capable of supporting TSX's features, including hardware lock elision and restricted transactional memory.
Software developers who wish to continue working with TSX will have to avoid updating their systems to newer firmware revisions—and in doing so, they'll retain the risk of TSX-related memory corruption or crashes."

until we have a BIOS Update for our Servers, I recompile glibc with the Option --enable-lock-elision=no

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