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# spotify-easyrpm

Spotify-easyrpm is a script which can download the latest debian package from the Spotify
repository and convert it into an RPM. It is also capable of installing, scheduling and storing
the RPMs in a local filesystem repo for installing Spotify updates alongside regular system updates

Alternatively Spotify can be installed and run from your home folder which does not require you to give
root privileges to this script if you prefer


* Set up a build enviornment on your PC and install rpm-build
* Auto download the latest version of Spotify
* Convert the debian package to RPM format
* Install the Spotify RPM
* Set up a automated updated schedule via cron job (optional)
* Create a local filesystem repo so Spotify can be updated alongside regular updates (optional)
* Fully unattended mode (optional)
* Install to home directory without root privileges



- Regular prompt based mode to create an RPM and optionally install and create an update schedule

spotify-easyrpm -noprompt

- Create the RPM
- Install the Spotify RPM
- Set up a weekly scheduled update job
- Set up a local filesystem repo

spotify-easyrpm -noroot

- In this mode spotify-easyrpm will not require root/sudo
- Spotify will run from your home folder
- Schedule automatic updates (optional)
- Not currently compatible with -noprompt mode

spotify-easyrpm -noroot-uninstall

- Removes Spotify from your homedir

spotify-easyrpm -create-schedule

- If you previously opted out creating an automated update schedule but now desire it

spotify-easyrpm -remove-schedule

- Removes the schedule and local repo if present

spotify-easyrpm -clean-repo

- Cleans up the local filesystem repo

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