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Getting on with rubygem-gem2rpm


- Linkpac rubygem-gem2rpm from devel:languages:ruby and build if for all your build targets.

- Do not aggregatepac, as this needs to be built for all your ruby versions, which might not be the same as in d:l:r

- The newly linked package will build, but will only build for one ruby, e.g. currently ruby2.5 on TW, ruby2.1 on Leap or SLES12, etc.

- add the prjconf and include the stuff you see in this project's prjconf
  1. Part: define the ruby versions you want to build against

  * This includes the %defines as well as the Macros sections

  * IMPORTANT: Be sure to only add a define if you need this ruby version. Even setting _with_ruby24 to 0 will define it, and that is what %bcond_with inside the rubygem-gem2rpm spec file takes into account.

  * For Tumbleweed, building older ruby versions might or might not work. So, be careful if you want to have packages for such a ruby version

  * If needed, add an %if condition, to set these %defines and Macros differently on e.g. Tumbleweed and Leap 15.0 (see this project's prjconf)

- 2. Part: add the ruby macros for your desired ruby versions, otherwise OBS shows packages as resolvable, as 'nothing provides rubyruby22' or similar


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