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Hight quality dictionaries as shortcuts for KDE

This package provides web shortcuts for KDE (KRunner, Konqueror) to access
hight quality online dictionaries.

Actually, it provides shortcuts for the "Duden" (german orthographies), the
german publishing house "PONS", the Royal Spanish Acedemy and the
Oxford English Dictionary.

To translate "word" from English to French, you can type "enfr:word" in
the address field of Konqueror. Or you can access KRunner trough Alt+F2
and use the shortcut there.

If you use Firefox, use the file "kdictionaryshortcuts.html". (If you
have installed KDictionaryShortscuts as RPM package, than you find this
file at /usr/share/kdirctionaryshortcuts. To import the file in Firefox
you must do the following in your Firefox window:
* open 'Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks'
* click on 'Import -> Import HTML'
* choose the HTML file created by this script.
This will introduce the submenu "searchproviders" in the bookmark menu bar.
So it is guarenteed that the shortcuts will be syncronized correctly with
Firefox Sync (if you use it).

To use the webshort in Firefox you must type the shortcut followed by a
whitespace and then the search query, e.g. "gg mysearch" and NOT
"gg:mysearch" as you could do in konqueror!

The Firefox version is available thanks to webshortsToFirefox.sh:

The shortcuts are composed of the corresponding ISO country codes.

Duden (de, deduden)
PONS German-Greek/Greek-German (deel,elde)
PONS German-English/English-German (ende,deen)
PONS Illustrated dictionary German-English (deenpict,deenbild)
PONS German-Spanish/Spanish-German (esde,dees)
PONS German-French/French-German (defr,frde)
PONS German-Italian/Italian-German (itde,deit)
PONS German-Polish/Polish-German (plde,depl)
PONS German spelling (depons)
PONS German-Portuguese/Portuguese-German (dept,ptde)
PONS German-Russian/Russian-German (rude,deru)
PONS German-Slovenian/Slovenian-German (desl,slde)
PONS German-Turkish/Turkish-German (detr,trde)
PONS Illustrated dictionary English-German (endepict,endebild)
Compact Oxford English Dictionary (en)
PONS Spanish-English/English-Spanish (enes,esen)
PONS French-English/English-French (enfr,fren)
PONS Polish-English/English-Polish (enpl,plen)
PONS Slowenian-English/English-Slowenian (ensl,slen)
Royal Spanish Academy: Dictionary of the Spanish language (es,drae)
PONS Spanish-Polish/Polish-Spanish (espl,ples)
PONS Spanish-Slovenian/Slovenian-Spanish (essl,sles)
PONS Polish-French/French-Polish (frpl,plfr)
PONS Slovenian-French/French-Slovenian (frsl,slfr)
PONS Polish-Italian/Italian-Polish (itpl,plit)
PONS Slovenian-Italian/Italian-Slovenian (itsl,slit)
PONS Latin-German (lade)
PONS Polish-Russian/Russian-Polish (plru,rupl)

If you need a spell and grammar checker for english texts, we
recommend http://afterthedeadline.com

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